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Proctored Test? H€II Yeah!

“Can I hire Online Class Tutors to take my online test for me if the exam I need taken is proctored by my university or a proctoring service?” The answer to that is “YES!”

Online Class Tutors online test services work with virtually all major proctoring and student monitoring platforms in America, over the course of the last 5 years Online Class Tutors has invested a great deal of time, effort and resources in to developing our anti-proctoring technological solutions, we’re the only firm with the capability to help students enrolled at major American universities by taking and passing their proctored online tests! Our anti-proctor solutions cover a wide variety of features, from countering IP based geo-location to browser fingerprinting and more. We’re staffed by incredibly intelligent professionals who are located in America, our employees and test takers are students studying at some of the most renowned Ivy League and Oxbridge Universities so no matter what university Learning Management System or Proctoring Solution you’re facing you can be sure we’re the people best able to help you.

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As we have the largest network of tutors (our ranks of tutors especially have a high concentration of students attending Ivy League schools and MENSA members with IQ scores well above 130); Online Class Tutors Test Services are comprehensive and secure. Our professional test takers will take your test for you, they will not just ensure that you get a high grade; they will take your entire test, do your assignments, partake in discussions on your behalf and do everything else you need for them to do. “Really?” Yes! And what’s more? You can start working with us without hesitation and we have a 100% satisfaction or no payment to tutors guarantee, which means if you don’t get the grade agreed upon with your tutor (or higher) taking your test online then you don’t have to pay the tutor at all! We work fast and we work cheap. Our low cost test taking services are priced with student budgets in mind. If you’re in a tight spot, don’t worry-we’re here to help you.

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