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Online Class Tutors is a global leader in specialty tutoring and academic assistance services. We run a highly efficient, high quality, high reliability tutoring market that delivers incredible value to students as well as tutors. Our platform allows all participants to maximize their capabilities and evolve in the process.

How We're Run

In 2007, our founders, Markus Chaffee and Katherine McCoon, disregarded conventional wisdom and launched a successful enterprise with no sales or marketing team – in the middle of a recession. From the start, our service has spoken for itself and our success is evidence of that fact that if you provide a great service, price it right and treat client’s courtesy then the clients will come and then they’ll tell a couple of friends and bring even more clients creating a virtuous cycle. Find out about the people who make Online Class Tutors happen:

Ted Young

Senior Operations Manager
Ted sets the direction for all Online Class Tutors services including the company’s three main services: an online class service that helps students by allowing them to hire expert tutors to take classes, test help service which is used by students across America to engage our vetted tutors to help with their tests and our essay writing service. Prior to working at Online Class Tutors, Ted served in a variety of senior roles, including accounts management, corporate strategy and business development in the United States at several large Fortune 50 companies.

Debra McPherson

Mathematics Division Head
Debra oversees Online Class Tutors Mathematics subject tutoring businesses. From 2005-2009 Debra worked as chief education policy maker at one of Americas largest University funding platforms and she oversaw launch of several MOOC learning initiatives. Debra holds a degree in applied Mathematics as well as being a Certified Public Accountant. She provides oversight and management to our large team of Math and related subject tutors across America. She also provides strategic guidance on hiring and staffing matters.

Brianna Roth

Tutor Management Team Leader
Brianna Roth plays a unique role in delivering on our constant commitment to ensuring maximum client satisfaction, she works to ensure that every client has a positive experience when they engage Online Class Tutors to take their classes, test, do their homework or write their paper. She heads our tutor management team and serves as team leader to all client managers, her skills are also put to good use in providing support, sales engineering, and customer operations. Before joining Online Class Tutors, she was lead media strategist at Social Connect One.

Emily Marchant

Finances And Planning
Emily serves as our Finances and Planning head. In her role she assists our executive team with financial and accounting related matters. Prior to Online Class Tutors, Emily held the position of junior vice president at Fordham FinAnalytics, an alternative lending platform that used data analysis to assess exposure risk for large bank customers. Emily earned her B.S. in Business from the University of California State Polytechnic. She brings to the firm more than 10 years’ experience of leading world class-high-output management for international organizations.

Dan Chung

Human Resources Manager
Dan Chung is Head of Human Resources Management at our firm, he reports to the executive team on all matters related to recruitment, hiring and staffing. He is responsible for leading our global recruitment efforts as well as the facilitation of our extensive tutor vetting process. Prior to working for Online Class Tutors Dan held positions in HR at several companies working in Connecticut, New York, Beijing, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mumbai and Dublin. Dan has extensive experience in HR that he brings with him.

Allison Hollenberg

Biology And Sciences Subjects Lead
Allison Hollenberg subjects lead for Biology and Sciences at Online Class Tutors, the Americas largest private tutoring company. She is a member of our tutor management team, working to ensure that the strategies and long term vision of executive management team are executed by her tutoring groups. Allison earned her Ph.D in Botany from the Australian National University. Allison excels in her role as Biology and Sciences Subjects Lead bringing her extensive experience of Academia to assist in making our services better.

Johnny Hill

President Of Global Marketing
Johnny Hill joined us in 2010 and is currently President, Global Marketing. In this role, he manages our end-to-end customer acquisition, marketing, sales and customer satisfaction initiatives; including Online Class Tutors’ company-wide knowledge management processes and incremental progress movement which he’s spearheaded. Johnny also has overall responsibility over our client support quality analytics, engagement assessments and our business development initiatives having to do with marketing. Johnny did his B.S. from Purdue University.

Richard Browder

Tutor Management Expert
Richard Browder holds responsibility for leading a team of our expert subject tutors and ensuring that all clients assigned to those tutors are served well. He a plays a role in reputation management, serving as a spokesperson and helps us cultivate brand advocates and manage our valuable client base. Richard has proven himself to be a leader in the communications and customer support; he has been a key to building up our client rapidly. Richard holds an undergraduate degree from Concordia University and a master’s in marketing from USC.

Eva Cumins

Tutor Management Expert
Eva has experience working with dynamic high growth organizations for more than 6 years. Prior to joining Online Class Tutors, Eva was Deputy Regional Manager at Foreteller Casting, where she oversaw regional corporate management matters for a division that was responsible for over $250 million in revenues in 2009. Before that Eva worked as acquisition integrator at a large online retail giant, where she worked to on-board and integrate employees of acquired companies. Eva grew up in the East Bay, and earned her BA in Journalism from the University of Missouri.

Natalie Whitcraft

Web And Graphic Design
Natalie was an early employee at Skype, where she worked in design. She assisted in building the design team essentially from 3 people to over 50 in 1 year. Under Natalie, we have made great strides in our approach to design. She has a great amount of experience in psychographics, data analytics and behavioural marketing which she combines with her talent for design to contribute in creative and substantive ways. Natalie earned an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Australian Institute of Business and she did a BA in Digital Design form Aarhus University, Denmark.

Tyler Holbert

Tutor Management Expert
Tyler Holbert has served Tutor Management Expert at Online Class Tutors since 2013. Prior to this role, Tyler served as a tutor in our Mathematics division; he also worked as a student academic advisor. Tyler is responsible for areas such as client satisfaction, tutor scheduling, serving as point-of-contact for tutors and clients, as well as making sure company strategies on customer support and tutor management are executed and managed well throughout his teams. As a member of our management team, Tyler is also responsible for certain client marketing functions.

Brett Oberkofler

Tutor Management Expert
Brett joined Online Class Tutors in March 2010. Prior to joining Online Class Tutors, Brett worked as lead sales executive at AstraZeneca. Brett in his role of Tutor Management Expert works to ensure that all tutors assigned to his team perform at optimal efficiency and that all clients he advises are satisfied with services our tutoring team provides. He also leads the company’s Customer Operations team, leveraging nearly 10 years of experience in running high demand customer support teams across the globe and this has allowed him to accrue a lot of valuable experience.

From 2007 Our Rules Were...

These rules have served as the core beliefs that guide our actions as group, direct our business, our development, and as a wider function our organizational brand.

Treat People Well

Do Things That Matter

Never F%$! The Client

Incremental Progress

What Has Changed Since 2007? You Ask...

A great deal has changed with 8 strong years behind us, we're now over 420 strong (and growing steadily), we have offices in 3 locations, and our product line has expanding to include over 90 different courses, 140 exams, 47 professional certification course and 1000 learning platforms. We are now able to help students all over the world get stuff done easier than they ever could! Our core fundamentals however remain the same, we believe that if we provide a great service, ensure that clients get the most efficient and transparent prices and treat them as well as our tutors with courtesy and respect (how we would want to be treated) – we end up doing some amazing things with some awesome people.

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