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Online Class Help Reviews

Markus and his team recently helped me take a VERY HARD to understand course recently, to top that off it was a class I’d planned to take myself initially and so it was very short notice. He was excellent, found me just the right tutor and assured me he understood how important the class was to me. I got a grade well above what I would’ve gotten had I taken the class myself. Would definitely recommend!
Clifford Johnson, Annapolis, Maryland
The team at Online Class Tutors are exceptional in their ability to put clients’ interests first, they are focussed on covering all bases this was evident from the beginning when I started with them. The account manager I worked with was so attentive and focussed, in so doing she really allayed me fears about hiring Online Class Tutors. Such a level of attention to detail and dedication are rare among younger people.
Sue Williams, Mission Viejo, California
Dear Brianna, many thanks to you and Markus for your tireless work on my Biology courses. Your work has helped more than you can ever believe, I had completely run out of options in in getting my courses completed and I was becoming desperate. The last straw came when I figured I’d have to drop out with the kind of grades I was getting. You really saved my bacon, you two. Thanks so much.
Elia Rooke, Houston, Texas
Thank you Markus and Online Class Tutors for helping my son pursue his dreams! I honestly can’t thank you all enough for helping my son take his online courses so he could enroll in a University and play Basketball, which is the only thing he has ever really wanted to do. My son Robert is special, and with your help he has so much joy in life! I will never be able to express my gratitude to such wonderful human beings, we’ve been working together for over 3 years and I have to say you have been a godsend helping Bobby take his class, do his homework and making sure that he gets to do what he loves.
W. Marshall, Atlanta, Georgia
Online Class Tutors offers a unique business model in the tutoring and academic community that really sets them apart from any other organization. They have a lot of focus on client service and support – always a step ahead of my panics, I got the feeling that the team had me covered; I was able to pay the tutor to take my online class for me very safely. I really appreciate the dedication and commitment that your class managers and tutors showed when taking my classes online for me, your business really offers a compelling value proposition as I was able to secure a much better job (and a raise) all thanks to the 2 professional certification courses that you took online for me, the payment required to hire Online Class Tutors taken in this context was negligible. Absolutely a pleasure to work with you!
Diane Orellana, Chicago, Illinois
Thank you all so much for the help you gave me with taking my online Chemistry and Biology course. I honestly did not think I would pass the course because it turned out to be so much more difficult than I thought. I am glad my dear friend Brenda told me about Online Class Tutors. The tutor you got to take my online class was punctual and intelligent, the class manager Brianna who was overseeing my course for me was very attentive, professional and super warm and friendly! She was so helpful and prompts with all communications and updated about my courses, nothing was ever a problem and I never had to wait or worry about any part of my courses. I highly recommend your services to all my friends now. I am beyond grateful for your caring and understanding yet professional approach and your absolute commitment to my academic success.
Nohemi Lopez, Jackson, Mississippi

Online Test Help Reviews

Markus works around the clock to make sure clients are kept informed and happy with his company’s service; he never misses a chance to go all the way for a touchdown. I found Online Class Tutors to be extremely accommodating with my (perhaps unusual) requests. I needed help taking a proctored test online and Markus did a trial run with me to show me how to let the tutor help and he explained everything. I was able to pass the test easily with the tutors help. The whole experience was just amazing!
Julia Hughes, Amarillo, Texas
I am writing to you to compliment Brianna and Katherine for their excellent work. My partner and I are considering taking more courses entirely thanks to the confidence we have from hiring Online Class Tutors to help take my online test recently. I submitted my information on the website and Brianna contacted me and asked me questions to understand what my test was then she clarified the process and it helped put my mind at ease. The tutor was very smart and got me great grades. Thank you.
A. Cramer, Long Beach, California
Throughout what was a very stressful and arduous process, getting my degree in Science, Markus was undoubtedly my key source of direction and someone I could trust. He was open, honest and very proactive throughout the process and as a result he really made me feel confident and comfortable about hiring a tutor to take my online tests. I was able to get my course completed with great grades. Thanks again Markus for getting me over the line and doing so in such a friendly and efficient manner.
Stella M., Washington, D.C.
Mark man I could rate you 100 for having heart I would! Recently, I lost my job and I was having a hard time finding work. I tried very hard to find a job but couldn’t. I decided to get a specialization degree, I enrolled in the course borrowing money from my sister to pay for it, the classes and tests I had to take turned out to be very tough. I tried as hard as I could to learn and do them myself but there was just no way. If I didn’t pass I don’t know what I would have done. I hired Online Class Tutors to take my online test and the classes for the course and I was able to get through the entire course, soon after I was able to secure employment at a great company thanks to my new academic credentials. You are miracle workers!
Sean Ferris, Plano, Texas
Markus and Brianna are really helpful! From the minute we started communicating Brianna was asking all the right questions to understand what course I was taking and what parts of it I was having issues with, she also worked to figure out what my short term and long term goals were. I explained to her that I was very worried about some of the exams in my Management course; Brianna arranged for a tutor to take my proctored tests and explained everything to me in easy to understand ways. I was so worried the first time I had the tutor take my test but from then on I have learned to trust the people at Online Class Tutors, they know what they are doing. I was able to get a great grade. I continue to be blown away by your wonderful customer service and your ingenuity.
Micah D., Miami, Florida

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