We know how important your online privacy is to you and how important it is to the future of the online economy. This privacy policy was created to show our dedication to your right to privacy and therefore outlines exactly how your personal information will be handled on this website.

Our privacy policy covers this website and any website that uses this same privacy policy. Some parts of Online Class Tutors LLP might have their own policies, which may vary from this one. In order to know exactly how your information is being protected, we recommend reading the privacy policies of those website.

Overall Policies

This privacy policy has been created to be in compliance with the global standard for handing an individual’s information online. These standards include security of data, how that data is used, notification of data being used, who has access to data, how data is transferred, and how this policy is going to be enforced/overseen. We follow the privacy laws in the countries where Online Class Tutors LLP does business.


By using our website, you are granting us consent to collect and use the information as outlined in this privacy policy. If this policy changes, we will post notification on the site. In some select situations, we will ask you explicitly to consent to the use of the data collect by this website.

Collection of Personal Data

In order to provide you with the very best and most applicable service, we will collect, process, and use personal information, as long as we have given proper notice and have received consent, as outlined in this policy. When visitors come to our website, we may collect your IP address and use cookies to gather very general information about the people who visit our website and what they are interested in. This technology will be further explained below.

Any other information that we collect will be volunteered by you, either through newsletter subscription, surveys, forum or group discussions, making purchases, registering for an account, etc.

Use of Personal Data Collected by Online Class Tutors LLP

We only collect information about our site visitors in order to learn about your needs and what you are interested in, so that we can provide a more personalized browsing experience. The information will only be used as stated in this privacy policy or as is described at the collection point. We will not change how your data is used without first asking for your consent. Some of the ways your data may be used include:

  • To process requests and deliver services as requested
  • To keep you informed about changes to Online Class Tutors LLP or new offerings, as well as increased security, upgrades to the website, special offerings, and other information you may find pertinent. Information may occasionally come from our partner or from companies we think may add value to your life
  • To ensure that our offerings are as tailored to your personal needs and interests as possible
  • To ensure that you can create a profile and view content
  • The retain and maintain the quality of interactions with Online Class Tutors LLP by educating representatives about you
  • To be able to contact you about your requests or services and to allow you to provide feedback about our services
  • To contact you about promotional opportunities from Online Class Tutors LLP or our partners and to allow you to enter those contests or sweepstakes
  • To allow you to fill out surveys or questionnaires about Online Class Tutors LLP’s services
  • To meet any of our contractual obligations
  • To help with recruitment efforts

Your IP Address

IP addresses will be collected in order to collect demographic information about our visitors, diagnose any problems they might be having with the website, or to better administer that website. IP addresses, along with volunteered information in your profile or provided in some other way help us to determine who is visiting what page and what topics are the most valuable and interesting to you. In general, this information is gathered anonymously, to give us a broad look at our visitors. Online Class Tutors LLP does occasionally collect technical information (including IP addresses or types of browser) in order to provide you with content that better fits your browser. Your IP address is never used to identify you as an individual unless you have provided consent. We will only collect information about your activity on our website. We do not track your activity to other companies or websites outside of our own network.


The bulk of the information collected by Online Class Tutors LLP is information that visitors willingly provide. That said, some information is collected through automatic tools like cookies, embedded links, and beacons, as well as other tools that are commonly used for this purpose across the internet. The information collected includes language, what type of browser you use, when you access the website, and the address of the website from which you accessed Online Class Tutors LLP’s website. These tools also help us confirm that you have received requested emails or to track users across our website. This information is generally aggregate and not individual.

Web Links

When you receive an email from Online Class Tutors LLP, it may contain an embedded link that leads to an area of our website. You are redirected through our servers, which may occasionally change the final destination of the links, in order to provide you with the most valuable content. Most links will allow us to tell if your online identity has clicked on an email or not. To avoid being tracked in this way, do not click on the links in emails sent to you by Online Class Tutors LLP.


Cookies are used to deliver the most personalized content and to prevent you from constantly having to enter your password. It will also keep track of your interests and tailor your browsing experience to those interests.

Email Address

If you provide Online Class Tutors LLP with your email address, we will send you emails. We will not share that address with third parties and you can opt out of emails at any time. Some email clients will send us information about you if you send an email to Online Class Tutors LLP. We may provide third parties with your email address if you sign up for their services through Online Class Tutors LLP.

Sharing of Your Personal Data

Online Class Tutors LLP is associated with a number of different websites. Information collected on this website or any of those related website will be stored on a collective server. We make sure that your privacy rights are protected by making sure how that data is protected and shares adheres to this policy. Any of our other affiliated sites may use information that is provided or collected about you to help process requests or to make sure that our storage and processing services are up to day. Information may be shared to our partners, to vendors with whom we work, and to certain third parties in order to process requests you have made. This might include processing credit card payments, maintaining our website hosting services, registering for seminars or events, providing support to customers, and sending you information that might be relevant to your needs. The information given to these third parties will be the bare minimum required to provide the services you need, and they are not allowed to use that information for anything other than the services requested. We will never rent, sell, or give your personal data to third parties unless you give us express consent. In some situations, subpoenas, legal proceedings, and court orders may necessitate the sharing of your personal data, in order to defend our rights and ourselves against claims made against us.

If the situation occurs wherein we decide to merge, buy, or sell our business, your information may be transferred to that new company, depending on the laws of the country wherein that deal is made. We will endeavor to protect your information in these transactions. Data may be collected and shared in order to help us prevent illegal actions or to investigate and prosecute those activities if they do occur, especially in the instance of fraud or when a threat has been made against the safety of an individual.

During your visit to our website, you might be redirected to another website, not on our domain. This is often done to allow you to register for events or sweepstakes. If information is collected for use by us, any information provided on those websites will be governed by this policy or by a policy explicitly stated on that website. If it is not, then any information provided there is governed by that site’s privacy policy. We require any websites that we do business with to govern information submitted there in a way that is compliant with our own privacy statement.

Security and Safety of Personal Data

Online Class Tutors LLP is very committed to protecting any and all of the data that you provide to us. We use the very best technology, adherent to the industry standards, along with updated procedures and organizational strategies to ensure that your information is accessed by unauthorized people and is not used improperly. All information is collected securely and our security is advanced to protect you and your privacy. All of our employees might adhere to these policies.

Outbound Links

Online Class Tutors LLP may occasional provide you with links to other website in order to give you more information. We are only responsible for the privacy policy of this website, which does not govern the collection and use of information on those websites.

Opting Out

If you have subscribed to Online Class Tutors LLP newsletter, promos or blog updates, we will send you regular emails and may even call you in order to communicate with you about transactions or to work with you to fix complaints. Your email address will likely be used to create an account, to communicate with you about requests, and to let you know about changes to our website or services (as well as any other notices that are legally required, which cannot be opted out of).

Online Class Tutors LLP will give you the opportunity to stop receiving these types of communications through email and to prevent us from sharing your information with any third party entity. You can do this by going here.

Retention of Data

We will only store your data for as long as is necessary to provide the service for which it was originally provided or collected (or as required by industry regulations).

Privacy for Children

We will not collect the information of any child under the age of thirteen. If we do mistakenly collect data about children under the age of thirteen and are notified of this, we will delete it from our systems.

Inquiries about, Updates to, and Access to Your Data

We endeavor to keep your data as up to date as possible, but in order to do that, we will need your help. You can provide us with any updated information by sending us an email to: privacy@onlineclasstutors.com. If you need more information about this privacy policy or need to see what information we have about you, contact us here:

Attn. Legal-Privacy
Online Class Tutors, LLP.
222 Broadway, New York,
NY 10038, United States.