Client Security

Getting help from Online Class Tutors is designed to be safe for our clients. As a client, your privacy, security and operational risk are carefully managed by us so that you can hire our tutors without worry. Our services are engineered upon a foundation of strong beliefs and a dedication to peerless client service for which Online Class Tutors is recognized across the nation.

As our platform provides a gateway to Online Class Tutors wide range of solutions and services including the ability to hire expert tutors from the largest and most diversified captive tutor network in America for helping take you classes, tests, do homework, write essays and more. Because of this our business model works only because we take the trust clients place in us very seriously, and our reputation of putting clients first matters to us more than any sum of money. We work to ensure that projects clients entrust with us are kept confidential by having robust safety measures. And as our business is built on making clients happy and as a result getting more client referrals from satisfied customers we are always going to be thinking long term mutual gain rather than short term profit.

How Do We Keep You Safe?

From ensuring that all payments from clients are through safe escrows (if you are not satisfied there is no payment needed), making sure that tutors log-on to client courses from the right geographic IP’s, simulating browser finger prints using our proprietary technology platforms all the way to making sure that work is turned in on time and that clients are kept abreast on all relevant happenings, at Online Class Tutors we take your safety seriously. Learn about some of the measures we take to protect you.


Your Trust & Your Hard Earned Money Are Valuable

As a client any payments made to tutors are processed through a secure escrow service, which allows you to make sure that all work has been done before any funds are paid to tutors. We also have a unique 100%-no-quibbles-refund policy. If at any point a client is unsatisfied with the quality of service they can directly contact their designated class manager and have the situation remedied as quickly as possible. We also have a 100%-no-quibbles-refund policy, in addition to that our elite status with our payment partners allow clients to claim a full refund regardless of what payment method you used (debit card, credit card or popular payment service) with ease so you as a client are always safe when choosing to start work with one of our experts. We respect the value of your trust as well as the value of your hard earned money.

  • Satisfaction Or No-Payment-Needed-Guarantee And 99 Day Full Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Lowest Price: Transparent Process With Competitive Bidding By Vetted Tutors.
  • All Web-Data Secured With Bank Level Encryption Technology.
  • Over 450 Expert Level Tutors From The Best Universities In America.
  • Market Leader With 8 Year Track Record Of Serving Over 300K Clients.
  • Well Trained And Experienced Quick Responding Customer Support.
  • All Clients Covered By Bullet-Proof Client Confidentiality Contract (Written By Actual Law Firm).


Proprietary Software We Develop

We take a great deal pride in our innovative technological capabilities and we strive to anticipate the ever-evolving and challenging landscape of academia our clients face so as to keep them ahead of the game.

It’s easy to tell someone you are going to keep them safe but it’s much more difficult to actually keep them safe. Online Class Tutors devotes substantial resources to develop unique technology platforms and solutions in-house to ensure that our clients are safe and ahead of the curve. We take the responsibility of protecting client confidentiality seriously and so over the years we have developed many custom technological solutions that have allowed us to protect our clients from detection. We are focused on the needs of our clients, delivering one-of-a-kind solutions, platforms and tailored services based on your requirements. Our technical capabilities and focus on the needs of our clients has allowed us deliver desired results even under the most challenging conditions.

IP And Browser Fingerprinting
When a tutor works on a client’s behalf, thanks to our IP and Browser Fingerprint simulation technology the tutor will appear to be working from the same geography as the client, using the exact same browser and device as the client browser agent string normally shows.

Proctored Exam Solutions
We are the only tutoring service in America with the capability to assist clients with advanced proctored tests and online exams, this is enabled by our proprietary software which allows tutors to assist clients in a safe and secure manner, the success rate for our solution is 100%.

Client Data Security And Sanitization
We have a unique client data wipe policy which automatically clears all client related data after a period of 14 days from project completion, so all email correspondences, files and other records are deleted in accordance with Department of Defense NIST SP 800-88 media erasure guidelines from our systems.

Custom Built Class-C IP VPN
Online Class Tutors has built and maintains our own large Virtual Private Network of unique class-c IP addresses across America and Europe. The advantage this allows us over regular VPN solutions is myriad. We are again the only firm with this technology.

2048-bit SSL Encryption
All data transmissions that occur over our website are protected by 2048-bit Secure Sockets Layer technology the same kind of encryption used by sensitive government agencies and the world’s largest banks. Our users are protected to the highest standard.


Hear From Our Clients

With dedication and effort and by exploring and understanding the realities faced by our students today we have been able to develop best-in-class products, solutions and services. But don’t just take our word on how we keep clients safe; read what our clients across America have to say about our approach to safety.

"I appreciate Online Class Tutors and the team of tutors for their attention to my safety. I can attest with most confidence that Markus really cares about keeping people who work with him safe. When picking a company I didn’t know all the things I needed to know, my friend Brenda told me about Markus and I am so glad she did. This is the right company because they know what they’re doing and care about who they’re doing it for! I am grateful to you all."

Nohemi Lopez

"Online Class Tutors is an outstanding organization that has really helped me a lot. My job is very demanding and I’d be in a lot of trouble at work if it ever came out that I’d gotten help with my professional certifications, hiring Markus was the best move I made because this is second nature to him. You can sense it as you’re talking to him; he takes pleasure in getting things done right. There is no company out there safer to work with that Online Class Tutors."

Bill D.

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