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Your assigned academic expert can almost always be relied on to perform your Discussion Board participation on your behalf. As we have native US English speaking tutors only on our staff you’ll find that our experts are able to do a great job on your behalf in Discussion-boards. Our tutors have extensive experience in Blackboard, Moodle, Cengage and similar learning platforms.

As we have a very large expert network of tutors across America with experience in taking courses in diverse subjects on various learning platforms we are able to judicially judge the commitment and expertise required by a tutor for pretty much any course offered in America this allows us to offer our unique grade guarantee. You can be sure that we’ll get the best grade possible or that you won’t have to pay us a cent! Who else can make that promise?

Online Class Tutors, LLP. Is America’s largest private tutoring company by size. We are a premier specialty tutoring enterprise transforming the way students across America get their academic qualifications. We are a professional learning platform, we pair students short on time to take online classes, do their tests, write papers, do homework assignments and more – thousands of times a month – with expert tutors who are willing and able to do the work for students. All this happens within our rigorous framework for client safety and security. Our services significantly improve the lives of our client’s lives.

Although we prefer to let tutors take over the entire coursework on your behalf, this can be arranged for special cases. We understand that you may be worried to start out with us, if that’s the case feel free to drop us an email and we’ll definitely try to accommodate this request.

It is an unfortunate fact that most companies in the specialty tutoring services industry are fly-by-night operators out to try their luck at this. We are a world away from that; our enterprise is built on expertise and trust. You can be sure that working with us will not be similar to working with amateurs you hired in the past. But if you are transferring a project to us please be sure to specify that so that we can take the measures to best protect you from the vindictive horrors that other clients have experienced when they fire our competitors to hire us (change your password for one thing).
Be sure to check out our client security center for more information on how we keep you safe. How we protect your payments and how it’s pretty much impossible for a client to have a negative experience with us.

Although our services and solutions are currently geared to students in the United States of America who wish to receive help with classes, tests, essays, homework assignments and such we’d be glad to have a look at what you need help with. And if it’s something we have expert tutors to help in then we’ll gladly be able to accommodate you.

Why? Yes. We have pretty unique client loyalty and referrals program. So if you are able to sign up your friends, family or people you know along with you when you sign up we can give you up to 60% off on the help you need! If you are not looking to get help at the moment we offer unique discount coupons which you can redeem for cash rewards. So for each client you refer to us and signs up with us you can easily earn up to $1999 (for a single client!). Our referral program is a great way for prospective clients to avail themselves of massive discounts.

Any payments made to Online Class Tutors, LLP. is protected under our robust client security policy. You are able to claim full-refunds on any payment for a period of 99 days, that’s the longest period allowed by law. We are able to offer that thanks to our elite status with our payment partners. You as a client are also protected thanks to our superior encryption and tokenization technology, the same kind of technology used by the world’s largest banks and defence companies to protect sensitive information. So, yes; any payments you make to us are safe. Not just because of all these reasons but also because we are actually pretty decent people who want to do the right thing.

Although it is possible for clients to use their work or school official email address when engaging our services and setting up an Online Class Tutors account we highly recommend against it as these email inboxes may be or could become subject to monitoring. So we recommend that clients always use a personal email inbox when engaging us and communicating with us as it allows for maximum discretion.

Online Class Tutors is run as a limited liability partnership registered in the state of Delaware. Our registered address is: 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 9928, City of Wilmington, County of New Castle, Delaware 19808. Our office is actually located in New York: “Big Green Cross” 66 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA.

Online Class Tutors, LLP was registered on 02/09/2007 in the state of Delaware. We’ve been in operation for 9 years. And we’re in good standing in the corporate registry of Delaware, Nevada and Companies House UK.

The value of hiring specialized experts to help with your academic needs is inherently something people find hard to trust, we at Online Class Tutors have worked with hundreds of thousands of clients, thousands of tutors, companies and experts so we have been able to develop the most robust client safety framework. Ensuring that you as a client get what you need and that you are safe is something that drives our business, making sure we do the best for our clients is ingrained in our culture. After having investment time and financial resources to create the most technologically advanced and comprehensive compliance system in the industry we at Online Class Tutors can with a straight face say that you are safe with our experts, in case you have any concerns we have expert managers who will assist in addressing conflicts or concerns so clients are satisfied. Our client safety structure remains a big attraction for why clients overwhelmingly hire our experts for help. Should you have any questions or want to learn more about our compliance framework, please visit our safety section, email or call us.

All tutors are run through an extensive background and credit check. They are also bound by a strong legal confidentiality contract. We also make most tutors sign a bond which means they are liable to incur financial damages if a client reports complaints against them.

As far as not getting what you paid for, any payments made to our tutor network are routed through our secure escrow network, which means your funds are not delivered to the tutor until you are satisfied with the work that has been completed or the pre-set milestones that have been agreed upon. So if you don’t get the highest grade possible then you are due a full refund for all services for a period up to 99 days.

Having been in operation for 9 years, building one of the largest tutor companies in the world and transforming the way students learn in America we take offense at this one single fake review that has been left about our company by an errant competitor (if you can call them that). Our business is built on client trust, with clients who have positive experiences with us referring people they know to work with us, so it defies logic that we would ever want to pull a fast one on a client in anyway as it would undermine everything we are trying to do. Regardless, our client safety policies are the most robust in the industry.

Client safety is something we at Online Class Tutors are zealous about, we take the trust you place in us very seriously. So the short answer to this is no, it’d be incredible hard for someone to find out that you’ve hired one of our experts to take your class for you. We do a lot of things to make it un-economically difficult for anyone to figure out if you have engaged us. To learn more about the measures we take to protect clients please visit our “client security” section.

Tutor fees are always arrived at based on a bidding system, but the bids placed by our tutors are usually based on the number of hours and amount of expertise and effort a particular course, assignment, test or project requires from a tutor or a team of tutors. Any tutor fee that is preferred by our system is undoubtedly the lowest one a client can find from a reliable and safe provider.

Online Class Tutors unlike any other competitor is able to ensure clients get the most competitive and efficient prices by using our unique fusion engine bidding system, each client request we receive is placed in an open bidding exchange were tutors bid lower rates to assist a client, we also have an extensive vetting and rating system ensuring that only the best tutors are able to join our network and work with our clients. So the average number of tutors bidding on a single client project is usually 25, this ensures that the most competitive and reliable tutor gets the project our clients engage us with. Online Class Tutors facilitates this bidding system, ensures the tutor does all work agreed upon and keeps clients updated on relevant events within their project. This system is engineered to ensure our clients get the absolute lowest prices and the highest grade possible.

If you are interested in engaging a tutor to take a test on a platform or for a course that we haven’t mentioned please feel free to contact us via email or via our contact system, we can definitely have a look over the test information and let you know if we can get you an expert who will help you take the test. When initiating contact in such an instance please be sure to send us the syllabus for the course the test will be on or send us a link to the course information so that we can get a good understanding of what kind of tutor will be able to best assist you.

Yes! We are the only tutoring company in America with the capabilities to assist clients with proctored examinations. As we’ve invested the resources and developed a unique technological platform that allows us to offer help to clients taking proctored exams with a remarkably high success rate (it’s a bit higher than 99.99%) we are able to help clients take even the most challenging proctored tests and get the best grade possible! Be sure to check out our “client safety” section for more information on how we are able to help clients take proctored tests.

Yes! You can definitely engage Online Class Tutors to take your entire course for you, just submit your course info via our website or mobile app and we’ll find just the right tutor or tutors to assist you and our class managers will oversee the process so that you entire course is taken over by our tutors. We offer unique grade guarantees to clients who engage us for entire courses.

You can hire an expert tutor easily by opening our website or app and submitting your class details, email, duration and if you’d like your phone number and a syllabus as a file attachment. This will allow us to get a good idea of what your specific needs are and we can invite bids from our tutors for taking your specific class for you. One of our account managers will contact you via email or phone depending on your preference and you’ll also receive competitive bids from our network of tutors. You’ll be able to select a tutor, fund the tutors secure escrow with a start-work payment and get your class taken.